Mulberry Masonic Lodge #618 F&AM

Mulberry, Indiana

On Saturday, July 28, Alex Martin (SW), Phil Whisler (JW), Shawn Walker (SD), Zach Livengood (JD & PM), and Craig Seager (Tyler & PM) used a manlift, one gallon of paint, four paint brushes, seven tubes of caulk, one can of foam insulation, three scrapers, an orbital sander, and a power washer to clean the exterior of the Lodge Hall.


Special THANKS to Milestone for donating the use of the manlift! 


The entry door was sanded.  The entry windows were caulked.  The East windows were scraped and painted.  The South windows were scraped, caulked, insulated, and painted.  The limestone on the East & South was power washed.  We cleaned the grill in the kitchen too.


We were fortunate to have excellent weather!  Not too hot and no rain.  We worked for six hours and we hope our work shows!


Zach & Shawn just starting to power wash the East side limestone.

Look at the difference!


Red arrow shows cleaned limestone.


Yellow arrow points out limestone that is in desperate need of cleaning!

Phil & Alex painting front windows

Side-by-side comparison of the windows on the South side.


Whew - they didn't need any TLC at all!

This is the South side of the Lodge Hall after all our work is done.


The limestone has all been power washed.  The windows are insulated, caulked and painted.


The weeds have been removed from the ledge and the bricks have been glued back into place.


Looks great now!